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Viant To Buy Adelphic Platform

“This deal combines Adelphic’s proven suite of self-service execution tools that our clients want at their fingertips with an unmatched data layer of 1 billion registered users from Time Inc. and Viant,” Time Inc.’s President and CEO Rich Battista told Mobile Marketing Daily on Monday.

Time Inc-owned Viant acquires mobile ad company Adelphic

Viant has reached an agreement to buy Adelphic, an ad tech startup focused on mobile and cross-device targeting. The combination of Adelphic’s ad-buying tools with Time Inc. and Viant’s user bases will allow the companies to offer the first people-based DSP capable of reaching more than 1 billion consumers worldwide.

Viant Moves to Acquire Programmatic Advertising Platform Adelphic

“Adelphic will bring superior media execution capabilities to Viant’s advertising cloud platform as one of the only DSPs built mobile-first,” Tim Vanderhook, Viant co-founder and CEO, said in a statement. “This addition will give marketers and their agencies the globally scaled people-based platform they have been consistently asking from us.”

What’s The Potential For Programmatic Video?

“Clients and agencies are very keen on leveraging programmatic because of its efficiency, but for the publishers and content creators, it’s more about keeping the value of their content high and not allowing it to get commoditized,” says Viant’s CMO, Jon Schulz, about the challenges publishers face in programmatic video in MediaPost.

Ev Williams Thinks Digital Advertising Is Broken. Here’s Why He’s Wrong.

Time Inc.’s EVP of business development Erik Moreno told Publishing Executive that with Viant’s ad technology and massive database, the publisher can abandon unreliable cookie-targeting and deliver ads to known individuals.

Experts Weigh In On Programmatic Video Advertising from CES 2017

Viant’s CMO, Jon Schulz, discusses the hurdles programmatic video has left to overcome and what advertisers can look forward to in 2017 in this interview with Video Amp at CES 2017.

The Future of TV Advertising is People Based

How we measure TV advertising – and how those methodologies compare to those used in digital – continues to be one of the most contentious issues in the industry. Jeff Collins, CRO at Viant, says that TV’s panel-based measurement is no longer fit for purpose, and that the future is a people-based approach that looks at both engagement and data gleaned from ACR.

Should department stores talk less about Millennials and more about ‘heavy spenders’?

There’s more than one way to slice the demographics when it comes to identifying who is spending the most in department stores, according to a new study by Viant. Instead of focusing on Millennials as a sought-after demographic, the study sees focusing on specific shopper segments and recognizing “different personality types” as key to effectively serving customers.

First Party Data is Integral to Breathing New Life Into TV

As people spend increasing amounts of time getting the latest updates and content via their Facebook feeds and live streaming media on their phones and tablets, advertisers must use a much wider channel strategy to get their brand message in front of consumers. Learn more from Viant’s SVP of Sales, Erin Madorsky.

When even Frosted Flakes are political, where does that leave us as a country?

As trite as the subject matter seems, products have always been a way for people to politically identify themselves, even if the consumers weren’t doing so intentionally. A recent data analytics survey by the advertising technology company Viant discovered some of the more unlikely differences in the ways that Democrats and Republicans shop.