How CPG Advertisers Can Boost ROAS with Recency Targeting

For the first time ever, CPG campaign data from three major US brands has been used to test the principle of recency, which proposes that ads are most effective right before a consumer is about to buy a product. Learn more in “The Persuadables”, a new research report from Joel Rubinson, formerly the Chief Research Officer at the Advertising Research Foundation, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and Viant.

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How to develop an effective women’s initiative for your tech company

Viant’s Director, Halai Shukran, shares how the company’s Women’s Initiative enhances leadership skills and creates development opportunities across the entire organization in Information Age.

Back to School Advertising 2017: Does the Early Bird Get the Worm?

With back to school campaigns creeping up earlier than ever this year, does the early bird advertiser get the worm, or does it incur the wrath of parents and kids across the U.S.? Viant’s VP of Marketing & Communications, Daniella Krieger, provides insight on this question and how retailers can get timing right with a people-based approach.

Will People-Based Marketing Take Over?

With their 1.2B registered users, Viant and Time Inc. are contributing to people-based advertising’s take over, writes MarTech Today.

Viant’s Tim Vanderhook Discusses the Evolution of Programmatic Ads

When they burst on to the scene a few years back, so-called “programmatic advertising” techniques focused on unlocking lower-grade ad inventory using real-time auctions. But times have changed. And one ad-tech exec is witnessing a maturation of programmatic that now includes a focus on premium ad space and a “flight to quality”.

Viant’s Vanderhook Sees Programmatic Ads Evolving (VIDEO)

In an interview with Beet.TV during Cannes Lions 2017, Viant’s CEO, Tim Vanderhook, talks about the maturation of programmatic and the new “flight to quality” that’s changing the industry.

10 Ways To Attract Tech Talent As A Growing Startup

Forbes asks Viant’s Director of Talent Management, Halai Shukran, for her top tips for retaining and attracting talent in the ad tech industry.

Transparency, Trust, Profits: When Publishers Take Control Of Their Revenue

Publishers are losing readers and revenue because of poor user experience, and brands are seeing their ads placed in inappropriate or offensive places due to their lack of visibility into automated exchanges. The solution is publishers taking full control of their revenue streams. Time Inc., for instance, acquired both Viant and Adelphic to bring its ad tech in-house, and the increased overall demand for sponsored content is turning some publishers into full-fledged content agencies. Programmatic direct is another major part of this progression because its purpose is to close the gap between publishers and brands.

On the internet, advertisers want to know if you’re really a dog

Instead of anonymous cookies traded throughout the ad universe, many users and marketers now prefer to know the person they’re pitching. This is where Viant, one of the biggest drivers of change in advertising and content, and its people-based marketing platform come in.

Women in Ad Tech: Introducing Viant’s Women’s Initiative

Viant’s Director of Talent Management, Halai Shukran, unveils a Viant’s new program, the Women’s Initiative. This new initiative was put into action by Viant’s female employees, and is designd to help empower, retain, and advance the women in our organization, as well as help all employees become empowered in their own career growth.

The Pulse of Cannes: People-based, brand safety and smaller crowds

Looking past the rosé and the spectacular backdrop of the South of France, the Cannes Lions remain a forum for the media, advertising and technology industries to have face-to-face, productive conversations that shape business and direct billions in ad spend.