What Every Advertiser Needs to Know About TV ACR

As the way we watch TV has changed, so has the approach to TV advertising. Traditionally, TV ads have been run without much thought behind personalizing the viewer experience, and often with limited measurement or feedback on performance. The rise of automatic content recognition technology (ACR) is changing that.

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New Research: Exploring the Spending Behavior & Lifestyle Habits of Department Store Shoppers

Viant’s exclusive new research explores the spending behavior and lifestyle habits of consumers across three top national department stores: Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Kohl’s.

How Retailers Are Using People-Based Marketing to Achieve Omnichannel Success

Customers today expect seamless, personalized shopping experiences. While adopting an omnichannel model is difficult as it creates new challenges around fulfillment and inventory management, technology investments in 1st party data and people-based marketing are offering up unique solutions for retailers.

The Key Trends Driving the $828B Back to School Shopping Season

With over $828 billion in retail and e-commerce sales forecasted for the 2016 back to school shopping season, there’s a lot of opportunity for advertisers to capture sales before the big end of year holiday season. Let’s take a look at some of the key trends this season.

A People-Based Data Renaissance Is Underway

It was only a few years ago that businesses were suddenly overwhelmed with the opportunities their sophisticated CRM systems unlocked. However, using data to identify people in the online world has fallen short of expectations, as advertisers are often not marketing to real people, but rather to cookies.

Attribution is Becoming More of a Priority for Marketers

Marketers have always acknowledged the benefits of accounting for every marketing channel and brand-imposed touchpoint, but in spite of such awareness, adoption of these types of practices has been slow and labored, as explored in a new eMarketer report.

The Rise of Advertisers’ Most Receptive Digital Audience: Hispanic Americans

    Every year the Hispanic population in the U.S. grows by about one million people, making it one of the largest and fastest growing consumer groups in the country. Not surprisingly, companies are responding to this trend by increasingly focusing their advertising spend and creative efforts on this group.

How Retailers Can Adapt to Evolving Digital Marketing Trends

It’s no secret that retailers have experienced big disruptions from technology. In the past twenty years alone, the shopping experience has gone from an entirely in-store event to a fully immersive in-person and digital experience that spans all devices.

Rebates, Simplification and Ad Blocking Emerge As Major Themes At Cannes

Viant CMO Jon Schulz shares his experience at this year’s Cannes Lions event, discussing his insights on the three major challenges facing advertisers and brands today.

What’s Your Data Really Made Of?

Today, our data has been processed so much that we often find ourselves working with a metric that doesn’t look anything like what we originally set out to do. In order for us to overcome this processed data problem, we must create one currency for both the online and offline world: real people.

Viant Bolsters Audience Targeting And Segmentation Capabilities With New Deterministic Partner Integrations

The offering is designed to help marketers that don’t have their own first-party data sets build their own audience segments, match and target using Viant’s registered user base.