Everything You Need to Know About Hispanic Millennials

Hispanic Millennials make up more than 24 million people in the United States, comprising 40% of the total U.S. Hispanic population. This bicultural audience is no longer a small sub-segment of the U.S. economy, it’s a driving force. Viant’s CMO, Jon Schulz, provides an exclusive look at the insights in Viant’s new report, The Marketer’s Guide to Hispanic Millennials.

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The Top 3 Challenges that CMOs Will Face in 2016

CMOs now have a greater responsibility to grow revenue and, in turn, face more pressure to provide measurable and accurate return on advertising spending.

Enhanced Audience Insights: Top Interests, Device Graphs and Operating Systems

To build upon its robust people-based insights and audience segmentation capabilities, the Viant Identity Management Platform now has the ability to pinpoint several new audience identity attributes.

For Publishers, the Time to Transition Away From Flash is Now

With the passing of Google Chrome’s self-imposed September 1, 2015 deadline, Chrome is now pausing Flash content that is not central to website experience by default across all versions of its browser.

The five key ‘bridging worlds’ trends from Dmexco

Another year, another eventful few days at Dmexco, jam-packed with a great line-up of speakers, writes Katie Field, UK MD at Viant, who has distilled the takeouts from the gathering into five key themes.

Preparing for Life After Flash

The reality of Flash’s end of life has kept those in the advertising technology and digital media industries on their toes over the last several months.

Research Whitepaper: The Real Power of Digital Video Advertising

Specific Media, a Viant company, has released a new research whitepaper that reveals the true impact of digital video advertising on purchase intent.

Cure your media plan pains with people-based advertising

Just as poor diet is causing our bodies to get sick, poor metrics are causing our media plans to go awry. But instead of treating the underlying cause — antiquated metrics — we simply manage the symptoms that they create.

An Ad Tech CMO’s 3 Takeaways from Cannes Lions 2015

As a first-time attendee of Cannes Lions, I have to admit that I was surprised at how productive my trip was. Despite the beautiful scenery, as well the decadent French cuisine and the endlessly flowing Rosé, I found the meetings and interaction to be both engaging and productive.

PODCAST – The CMO’s Dilemma: Bringing Formula 1 to America

In VentureBeat’s latest Viant-sponsored CMO Dilemma podcast, Formula 1 CMO, Michael Williams, discusses marketing the world’s most popular racing sport to the U.S. market.

Solving the CMO’s Dilemma – Part 4: Understanding & Adapting to the Mobile Eco-Systems

Uniting and leveraging the two dominant mobile eco-systems – web browsers and mobile apps – to execute successful digital advertising campaigns remains a major concern in ad tech.