Everything You Need to Know About Hispanic Millennials

Hispanic Millennials make up more than 24 million people in the United States, comprising 40% of the total U.S. Hispanic population. This bicultural audience is no longer a small sub-segment of the U.S. economy, it’s a driving force. Viant’s CMO, Jon Schulz, provides an exclusive look at the insights in Viant’s new report, The Marketer’s Guide to Hispanic Millennials.

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New research shows Hispanic millennial shoppers are ‘a driving force’ of US economy

The US Hispanic population includes 59 million Americans, and more than 40 percent are millennials. That means that a wide margin of the $1.5 trillion purchasing power of US Hispanics is controlled by young adults ranging in age from 18 to 32 years old. “Hispanic Millennials are no longer a small sub-segment of the US economy, they are a driving force,” said marketing technology company Viant in a new report.

Viant & Urban Science Integration: Automotive Marketers Can Connect Omni-Channel Ad Exposure To Dealership Sales Daily

Viant, a Time Inc., people-based advertising technology company, announced an expanded partnership with Urban Science, a global automotive performance improvement consultant. For automotive marketers, this deeper collaboration solves the challenge of targeting in-market customers while enabling them, for the first time, to quickly and accurately attribute a sale to those consumers who were exposed to ads across multiple formats and channels.

What’s Keeping You From Multi-Touch Attribution?

What’s keeping marketers from adopting multi-touch attribution? Viant’s CMO, Jon Schulz, reveals the biggest obstacles and the ways to overcome them in MediaPost.

Viant Expands Partnership With Urban Science

Time Inc.’s Viant is expanding its year-old partnership with the automotive consultancy Urban Science. Automotive marketers will be able to attribute a sale to customers exposed to ads across multiple formats and channels in under 24 hours, as opposed to 3 to 4 months. This will enable automakers to better understand how their marketing efforts are impacting dealership sales, and better gauge their return on ad spend.

According To Researchers, Here’s How To Spot A True ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan

Viant, a TIME Inc. advertising technology company focused on driving growth for marketers, has learned that fans of HBO’s GoT are as loyal to their favorite house as they are to their favorite brands and experiences. Marketers are wise to tap into the psyche of this massive fan base.

Reach Hispanic Millennials through social

Social media is key to not only finding, but engaging, a large and powerful group of consumers. Hispanic Millennials are driving the overall US Hispanic population – which numbers 59 million, and has a purchasing power of more than $1.5 trillion each year; these Millennials make up about 40% of the overall demographic, and they are invested in social.

Here’s How Much Hispanic Millennials Spend At Top Retailers

While Hispanic Millennials (18-35) have lower household incomes than their non-Hispanic counterparts, they match them in spending, according to a study from Viant. But where they choose to spend their money differs, per the report.

Hispanic Millennials: Time To Look Beyond Language

With Despacito still ruling America’s music charts, it should go without saying that the cultural impact of Hispanic Millennials shows no signs of slowing. But a new study from Viant, a Time Inc.-owned technology company, underscores just how different this group can be from both their Baby Boomer parents, and their non-Hispanic counterparts.

Hispanic Millennials Are More Likely to See Disney Signs [Article in Spanish]

With 24 million Hispanic millennials in the US, deciphering their habits and behaviors is vital for brands, agencies and media companies. That is why Viant, a Time Inc. company, published a study focused on this particular demographic, which challenges many of the notions and preconceptions about young Hispanics in the United States.

Disney, the Kardashians lead choice for Hispanics

Though it may be unsurprising that Univision and Telemundo are the preferred networks for US Hispanics, research by Viant has revealed that Disney networks and the Kardashians’ shows are also at the top. According to the Time Inc. technology company, Univision and Telemundo are the top networks among Hispanic millennials, but Disney is also among the top-rated networks. Hispanic millennials are 10% more likely than non-Hispanic millennials to watch the Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior US.