Testing the Waters: Key Questions to Ask Before Jumping into a Data Lake

The challenge for most marketers in approaching a Data Lake as a potential solution is not just understanding what it is, but knowing if it’s right for your company. Before diving in, take a look at a few key questions you should ask yourself when considering a Data Lake platform.

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32% of Marketers Believe Cookies are Dead in a Year – A “Power of the People” Report by Viant

Viant’s Power of the People report explores how people-based marketing is driving change across the U.S. advertising industry. It is based on a survey of over 250 brand-side digital marketers. The survey and report examines: the challenges concerning cookies for digital advertising; the top reasons marketers invest in digital marketing; what’s limiting the success of their digital marketing; and the adoption of advanced methods of attribution and measurement.

Advertisers Turn To People-Based Marketing, Plan To Stop Using Cookies

Viant, a Meredith.-owned advertising technology company, surveyed more than 250 digital marketers at brands to analyze the challenges around using cookies for digital advertising. Jon Schulz, CMO, said the data confirms a trend away from cookie tracking and toward people-based marketing and advertising.

Factual Updates Geopulse For Location Insights And Attribution Beyond Ad Targeting

Viant initiated “a major enhancement” to its partnership with Factual last week. Viant has been updating its location data strategy for the past year. The latest step its taken involves a direct integration with Factual that allows Viant customers to have access to real-time foot traffic measurement and industry reporting.

Viant And Factual Enhances Partnership to Bring Real-time Foot Traffic Attribution

Viant, a Time Inc. people-based advertising technology company, today announced a major enhancement to their partnership with Factual, the location data provider and longtime Viant partner. Through a direct integration, Viant customers will have access to real-time foot traffic measurement and reporting powered by Factual’s location data through the Viant Advertising Cloud.

Factual Literally Mapping the Consumer Path-to-Purchase

Viant announced deeper integration with Factual today, literally helping map the physical path to purchase. The partnership provides valuable in-store and location-based insights to support marketers across various industries such as retail, automotive and travel.

Ads to Skip Politics During Super Bowl

Showing that the Super Bowl is perhaps one of the most studied advertising events of the year, findings from an analysis from Viant found found that those who watch for the game are more likely to buy an Audi and drink Sam Adams; viewers who watch for the half-time show are more likely to buy Febreeze; and viewers who watch for the commercials are more likely to drink Budweiser and file their taxes on TurboTax.

Factual expands its location-based ad tools

Pretty much every player in digital media and advertising is trying to measure in-store visits these days, but Gil Elbaz, founder of Factual, said Factual’s approach stands out because of the accuracy and scale of its data. Plus, it integrates with existing ad platforms, like Viant. “They can leverage [the data] along with many of the partners and marketing clouds that they’re already using,” Elbaz said.

Advertisers Bring Their A-Game Super Bowl Sunday, But Certain Brands Have The Most Pre-Game Impact

As the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots battle it out in Minneapolis, big brands are preparing for the economic impact that the big game brings. Viant analyzed the profiles of over 27 million people to find insights around the Super Bowl audience and the findings are quite interesting. For example, those viewers tuning in for the game are 47% more likely to drive an Audi than those who watch for the commercials or the halftime show and 38% more likely to drink Sam Adams.

Infographic: The Brands That Are Making the Biggest Impression on NFL Fans

With a whopping 58 percent of all Americans citing football as their favorite sport in a recent CBS News poll, it’s no wonder that marketers spend billions of dollars each year trying to reach NFL fans. So what brands are breaking through with this valuable segment? To find out, data company Viant used its Advertising Cloud to identify both heavy football fans and non-fans using automatic content recognition on smart TVs and compared their interests with some of football’s most heavily advertised verticals, from beer to car companies. Among the notable results: Sam Adams was the only craft beer to index fans’ top 10 favorites.

Viant’s Adelphic adds digital-out-of-home to its repertoire

In January, Time, Inc.-owned ad tech firm Viant bought demand side platform (DSP) Adelphic. Adelphic was born as a mobile-focused ad DSP, but it had added desktop, tablet and connected TV by the time of the acquisition. Now, it has added the outer edges of the digital ad ecosystem: digital out-of-home (DOOH).