Testing the Waters: Key Questions to Ask Before Jumping into a Data Lake

The challenge for most marketers in approaching a Data Lake as a potential solution is not just understanding what it is, but knowing if it’s right for your company. Before diving in, take a look at a few key questions you should ask yourself when considering a Data Lake platform.

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Digital Reboot? Check. Time Inc.’s Next Big Push Will Involve Mobile And Data

Since Time Inc.’s spinoff from Time Warner two years ago, CEO Joe Ripp has been beating the drum of transformation. With the February acquisition of Viant, Time Inc. will be able to append marketer data onto its mobile advertising. Marketers who want the data of a platform but the content of Time Inc. won’t have to choose.

CNX16: How Capital One and Luxottica Wrangle Data To Turn Up The Dial On CRM

More marketers are adopting data-driven tactics by blending their own first-party data with third-party sources. Financial services, for example, is undergoing major digital disruption, and banks are looking to translate direct-to-consumer marketing tactics to business constituents.

Ending a Reliance on Cookies and Walled Gardens for Good

As brands put more resources behind the acquisition and management of big data, marketers are feeling increased pressure to leverage this data to reach customers across the open web effectively. Throughout this process, several questions arise: where should the data come from? What are acceptable ways to collect and use the data? And how can we guarantee the data’s accuracy?

Time Inc. Receives Q1 Revenue Boost From Viant, Launches People-Based Ads

Time Inc. is adding in Viant’s capabilities quickly. It has enabled its people-based platform across all Time Inc. properties, and marketers can buy using people-based data both on and off Time Inc.’s properties.

Brands that can master the magic of intent will be front of mind for consumers

Forget the research stage – brands need to reach consumers when they are first considering a purchase, and first-party data is the way to do it. Data worked its way into every session, panel and debate in all of its forms: as the disruptor of sectors, as the antidote to flailing marketing efforts, and as the passport to razor-sharp insights, argues Katie Field, UK MD at Viant.

Get Ready: NewFront Season Is Upon Us

During the first two weeks of May, old and new media companies alike will present their latest video programming and tech at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Digital Content NewFronts with the goal of hyping their content — and selling ads, of course.

Experian launches PII-matching audience targeting platform to reach 85% of the US

In the new Audience Engine, brands and others can enrich customer profiles with various layers of PII-based data, and then anonymously target those same users online, in email or on addressable TV.

Does MySpace Have Any Distribution Juice Left for Publishers?

Last month Time Inc. bought MySpace owner Viant in a move to, Time Inc. said, better target ads to audiences, tie consumers’ devices to the actual people and link ad spending with actual sales.

Shifting from Cookies to Real Voters: 2016 Presidential Election

By combining the precision a digital advertising campaign powered by first-party data to target individual voters, with the massive scale, and reach of traditional television to influence a wider demographic and create mass awareness, campaign strategists can rest assured their candidates’ messages are reaching audiences that matter.

Life after cookies: What this means for brands in 2016

Many marketers still find frustration trying to assess where and how their digital ads are being interacted with by consumers, whether the messages are reaching their intended audience, and – crucially – whether the consumer has already completed their path to purchase as a consequence.