What Every Advertiser Needs to Know About TV ACR

As the way we watch TV has changed, so has the approach to TV advertising. Traditionally, TV ads have been run without much thought behind personalizing the viewer experience, and often with limited measurement or feedback on performance. The rise of automatic content recognition technology (ACR) is changing that.

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Ad tech purchase heralds the rise of email in a post-cookie world

Tim and Chris Vanderhook – the twin brothers that head up Viant – recently took to the European ad tech conference circuit heralding the ‘Death of the cookie’, adding that email is now key to targeted advertising.

The Evolution of People Based Measurement

The next big revolution in the advertising world is now centered around ‘people based measurement.’ This allows marketers to manage reach and frequency across all connected devices.

A new generation of digital marketing in automotive

In order to stay relevant, the automotive industry has had to adapt to evolving consumer, safety, and technological trends. One way they have done this is by changing how they advertise to consumers.

Collision of Martech & Ad Tech

Today, we’re seeing the martech and ad tech sectors collide through acquisitions and partnerships, including Viant’s partnership with SalesForce.

The five key ‘bridging worlds’ trends from Dmexco

Another year, another eventful few days at Dmexco, jam-packed with a great line-up of speakers, writes Katie Field, UK MD at Viant, who has distilled the takeouts from the gathering into five key themes.

Dreamforce: Taking Stock Of Salesforce’s Integration Into Ad Tech

Partners Datalogix, LiveRamp, Neustar, Krux and Viant can onboard the data into a marketer’s chosen DMP for segmentation or to a chosen DSP for the actual ad-buying activity.

Placed Launches ‘Cross-Device Marketplace’ To Tie Desktop Ads To In-Store Sales

Placed, a location-based ad-targeting firm and in-store attribution company, on Wednesday announced the launch of a “cross-device marketplace” that enables ad-buyers to measure desktop advertising’s impact on in-store sales and visits.

Dos and don’ts: our guide to dmexco 2015

Dmexco veterans offer their tips on what to do and what to avoid at this year’s digital marketing conference.

MySpace has undergone a ‘surprising renaissance’ and now it’s going after teens

With Facebook now reaching more than 1 billion users in a single day, many people have resigned MySpace — which over a decade ago made online social networking mainstream — to the history books.

Embracing ‘Startup Culture’ at Any Business Size

While some companies have modeled their aesthetic after the idealized spaces of Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook, real startup culture is about much more than a sleek office and fun perks.