How CPG Advertisers Can Boost ROAS with Recency Targeting

For the first time ever, CPG campaign data from three major US brands has been used to test the principle of recency, which proposes that ads are most effective right before a consumer is about to buy a product. Learn more in “The Persuadables”, a new research report from Joel Rubinson, formerly the Chief Research Officer at the Advertising Research Foundation, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and Viant.

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The pulse of Cannes: People-based, brand safety and smaller crowds

Viant is looking past the rosé and scenery and discusses the major themes emerging this week at Cannes Lions, including people-based marketing and brand safety, in Digiday.

Viant’s Adelphic Expands Publisher Marketplace with Brand Safe PMP Deals

Adelphic announced the enhancement to its Publisher Marketplace, Adelphic Deals. Adelphic Deals empowers brands and agencies with direct, programmatic access to premium private marketplace (PMP) inventory only available through the Adelphic Publisher Marketplace.

Want Better Social Advertising? Break Down the Walls

Viant’s SVP, Erin Madorsky, says despite the dominance of walled gardens today, the tides are changing. By expanding their use of social data outside of the walled gardens, brands can create the kind of seamless experiences customers have come to expect.

Want Better Social Advertising? Break Down the Walls

In order to take the value of social data to the next level, marketers need to be able to connect social data to other known attributes like past purchase history or device usage, says Viant’s SVP, Erin Madorsky, in Adweek. So how can an advertiser leverage the benefit of social data outside of the social ecosystem it was derived from? By breaking down the barriers of the walled garden.

The Holy War Of Cross-Device Tracking

Have the challenges of reaching consumers across devices really been solved? Viant’s SVP, Craig Benner, offers his view on this question, discussing the two different types of data being used, probabilistic and deterministic, and what’s required today to understand consumer behavior.

The Holy War Of Cross-Device Tracking

Have the challenges of reaching consumers across devices really been resolved — or as we sometimes say in ad tech, have they been product marketized? Viant’s SVP, Craig Benner, discusses in MediaPost with insights from @AdTechPOTUS.

What End-to-End People-Based Advertising Really Looks Like

Jeremy Haft, National Vice President of Platform Sales at Adelphic, shares his key takeaways from the 2017 Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, and how a people-based platform is rising to meet new challenges with programmatic media buying.

Could Killing Cookies also Curb Ad Blocker Use?

Viant UK’s VP, Toby Benjamin, sat down with PerformanceIN to explain why focusing on a people-based approach in advertising could be the answer to ad blocking.

Learning from PMA 17: How Viant Won Best PM Tech with People-Based Marketing

Toby Benjamin, VP of Viant UK, sat down with PerformanceIN for a Q&A to discuss how the Viant Advertising Cloud won the Best Performance Marketing Technology award at the Performance Marketing Awards 2017.

Viant’s Adelphic Teams Up with Integral Ad Science to Drive Viewability and Brand Safety

Following its recent acquisition by Viant, self-service platform for programmatic advertising Adelphic has partnered with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to drive viewability and brand safety. This makes Adelphic one of the first demand-side platforms (DSPs) to integrate these insights and enable access to them within its platform.