Testing the Waters: Key Questions to Ask Before Jumping into a Data Lake

The challenge for most marketers in approaching a Data Lake as a potential solution is not just understanding what it is, but knowing if it’s right for your company. Before diving in, take a look at a few key questions you should ask yourself when considering a Data Lake platform.

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Ad tech purchase heralds the rise of email in a post-cookie world

Tim and Chris Vanderhook – the twin brothers that head up Viant – recently took to the European ad tech conference circuit heralding the ‘Death of the cookie’, adding that email is now key to targeted advertising.

Why Hispanic Americans are Automotive Marketers’ Most Receptive Audience

Every year the Hispanic population in the U.S. grows by about one million people. Today, Hispanic American consumers account for $27.9 billion in registered new vehicle transactions, representing 11% of the total market – an astounding figure no matter how you look at it, and one that is continuing to grow.

The Evolution of People Based Measurement

The next big revolution in the advertising world is now centered around ‘people based measurement.’ This allows marketers to manage reach and frequency across all connected devices.

A new generation of digital marketing in automotive

In order to stay relevant, the automotive industry has had to adapt to evolving consumer, safety, and technological trends. One way they have done this is by changing how they advertise to consumers.

Collision of Martech & Ad Tech

Today, we’re seeing the martech and ad tech sectors collide through acquisitions and partnerships, including Viant’s partnership with SalesForce.

Connecting Online to Offline at IAB U.K. Engage

Viant’s CEO and COO, Tim and Chris Vanderhook, joined the IAB at their annual Engage conference on Thursday, October 15th, and discussed how a people-based approach to digital advertising gives a more personalised message to the consumer.

The Top 3 Challenges that CMOs Will Face in 2016

CMOs now have a greater responsibility to grow revenue and, in turn, face more pressure to provide measurable and accurate return on advertising spending.

Enhanced Audience Insights: Top Interests, Device Graphs and Operating Systems

To build upon its robust people-based insights and audience segmentation capabilities, the Viant Identity Management Platform now has the ability to pinpoint several new audience identity attributes.

For Publishers, the Time to Transition Away From Flash is Now

With the passing of Google Chrome’s self-imposed September 1, 2015 deadline, Chrome is now pausing Flash content that is not central to website experience by default across all versions of its browser.

The five key ‘bridging worlds’ trends from Dmexco

Another year, another eventful few days at Dmexco, jam-packed with a great line-up of speakers, writes Katie Field, UK MD at Viant, who has distilled the takeouts from the gathering into five key themes.