New Research: Exploring the Spending Behavior & Lifestyle Habits of Department Store Shoppers

Viant’s exclusive new research explores the spending behavior and lifestyle habits of consumers across three top national department stores: Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Kohl’s.

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The Only Thing More Polarizing than Politics May Be Dish Detergent Preferences

In an already polarizing election season, we took a look at just how different Republicans and Democrats are when it comes to topics outside of politics. From movie preferences to pet ownership and more, we dug into the Viant Advertising Cloud to provide some insights on these two parties’ lifestyle and media habits.

‘The 30 second TV ad slot is not going anywhere’

At the second day of The Drum’s inaugural Programmatic Punch event in the U.S., panelists discussed the future of TV. Commenting on the ‘death of the 30 second ad slot’, Jeff Collins, Viant’s CRO, observed that speculation over the prospect has been around for 15 years, but noted that “the incentive to maintain that 30 second slot is going to be around for quite some time.”

A Better Brand Experience Begins With Putting People First

“It is only with open, people-based marketing built on a foundation of real people that marketers can tell a cohesive brand story across channels, sequence the messaging, attribute the results, and give their consumers the best brand experience,” writes Viant’s VP of Enterprise Strategy, Ryan McGurk, on CMO.com.

A Better Brand Experience Begins With Putting People First

Great brands care about their consumers and strive for the right mix of when, where, and how often to engage them in order to deliver the best possible brand experience. However, the ongoing walled garden versus open-platform debate, one we’ve heard ad nauseam across the industry, often loses sight of the consumer entirely.

Have U.S. Auto Sales Peaked? What’s Next?

“The automakers that are able to embrace new approaches, and see digital as a complement to their TV strategies, will have a leg-up on the competition. Although auto marketers may be in a peak market and are facing new challenges in the sales cycle, the consumer shift toward digital and the people-based approaches available make this cycle more of an opportunity than a struggle,” writes Viant’s CMO, Jon Schulz, in MediaPost.

Have U.S. Auto Sales Peaked? What’s Next?

While automakers have historically been stalwarts for network and cable television gobbling up prime spots in major primetime programming, with more than 90% of new vehicle purchases starting with internet research, the auto buyer origination point is clearly online.

Google Reports Record Quarter, Majority Of Revenue Still From Advertising

Google’s latest product announcements have been all about hardware and machine-learning technology, but Alphabet’s core company still has its financial teeth tightly locked onto search engine advertising. Jon Schulz, CMO of Viant, says, “With deterministic data, Google doesn’t need to rely on cookies for targeting, allowing it to pinpoint consumers with a much higher level of accuracy on mobile.”

Google beats earnings forecasts on mobile ads, YouTube and a wisp of cloud

“Google hopes this approach will help it to compete more aggressively against Facebook on mobile, as marketers increasingly invest in the channel,” Jon Schulz, chief marketing officer of the ad tech firm Viant Technology LLC, said in an email. “It is a smart move for Google.”

Which Shows Do Your Target Shoppers Watch? Viant Has the Answer

Marketing technology company Viant has released a fascinating study looking at the viewing habits, buying preferences, and racial breakdowns of department store shoppers. Using a pool of millions of consumers, it identified Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Kohl’s regulars, then looked for how each group was distinct. For marketers, the report offers a roadmap of where to spend video advertising dollars.

Retailers Need to Invest Heavily in First-Party Data and Technology to Create Personalized Customer Engagement

Embracing seamless cross-channel customer engagement is paramount for retailers, according to a new study from Viant. According to “The Anatomy of a Department Store Shopper,” which focuses on the shopping habits and lifestyles of consumers at three top national department stores−Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Kohl’s−the relationship between in-store purchasing and online purchasing is a very fluid one. As consumers increasingly embrace online shopping, retailers need to focus on creating a seamless brand experience.