Digital Marketing’s Role in the CMO-CFO Divide

Viant’s new research demonstrates how CMOs who prove the value of digital marketing spend will make allies of their CFOs and succeed.

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March Madness’ Late Rounds are Valuable for These Key NCAA Advertisers

As we head into the final weekend of the tournament, we wanted to showcase the kind of first-party data advertisers can leverage to ensure a slam dunk March Madness strategy. Using the Viant Advertising Cloud, Viant’s people-based platform, as well as our leading TV ACR technology, we were able to isolate some key tournament sponsors and advertisers that would be best served by holding onto their ad budgets until most teams have hit the showers.

The Future of People-Based TV Buying Is Here – If You Know Where to Watch

For marketers today, success comes down to people-based targeting and measurement, and evolving their TV to digital strategies will help them get with the program, writes Viant’s CRO Jeff Collins in VideoInk News.

Viant’s ‘Power of the People’ Unleashes Dominance of People-Based Marketing in the US

Viant’s CMO Jon Schulz discusses the impact that people-based marketing has on the advertising industry today and the three factors that are critical to building a successful approach with MarTech Series.

Clear Channel Outdoor on How Location Data Helps Brands with OOH and the Future of OOH Measurement

In our latest Q&A, Clear Channel Outdoor’s Wade Rifkin, SVP of Programmatic, discusses how location data helps brands with out-of-home advertising, where OOH measurement will be three years from now and what’s next for Clear Channel Outdoor and Viant’s Adelphic.

Cookie Cutters

Sixty percent of marketers believe they won’t use cookies to track consumers by 2020. And 90% of marketers see improved performance when targeting against personal data instead of cookies, according to data from Meredith-owned Viant. “Advertising and web-based services that were cookie-dependent are slowly being phased out of our mobile-first world,” where vendors revolve around first-party brand and publisher data or device IDs, writes Sara Fischer.

The death of the internet cookie

Over 60% of marketers believe they will no longer need to rely on tracking cookies, a 20-year-old desktop-based technology, for the majority of their digital marketing within the next two years, according to data from Viant Technology, an advertising cloud.

The Oscars are the Super Bowl for fashion — and brands are ready for their touchdown

Make-up brands (and the drugstores that carry them) also have a shiny opportunity during the Oscars — though according to Viant, a Meredith Corporation advertising technology company that analyzed the profiles of over 600,000 people who watch the Grammys, the Olympics, and the Oscars — the best timing of their opportunity varies from brand to brand.

What You Should Know About the Cookie’s Crumble

Relying on anonymous data is a relic of the past in digital marketing, reports Viant in Associations Now. Here’s why marketers are dropping cookies in favor of people-based marketing.

Most Marketers Believe Tracking Cookies Will No Longer Be Needed

The death of the tracking cookie may be upon us. According to a September 2017 survey of US brand-side digital marketing executives by Viant, more than 60% of respondents believe they will no longer need to rely on cookies for the majority of their digital marketing within the next two years.

Brand Marketers’ Digital Investments Driven Primarily by Reach

Brand marketers’ top reason for investing in digital marketing is also the key factor limiting the success of their digital efforts, per results from a Viant study. And what is that factor? Audience reach. In its survey of more than 250 US brand-side digital marketing executives in companies with at least $50 million in revenues, Viant found that the most frequently-cited reason for investing in digital marketing is audience reach.