Viant Releases Exclusive Research in Time for the Holiday Shopping Season

Viant today announced the release of exclusive new research, The Anatomy of a Department Store Shopper. This report provides key data points and insights on consumer spending habits of shoppers across three top department stores.

Report Dives Deep into the Unique Purchase and Consumption Habits of Shoppers

Irvine, Calif, September 27, 2016—Viant, a Time Inc. people-based advertising technology company, today announced the findings of its new report: The Anatomy of a Department Store Shopper. This new research offers key data and insights into the purchase and consumption habits of heavy shoppers from three top national department stores.

This research goes beyond an analysis of customer purchase history and paints a complete picture of each retailer’s consumer characteristics, purchase behavior, brand preferences and media habits in an effort to provide advertisers with actionable insights about their customers’ online and offline behaviors. It empowers them with the ability to deliver the right message, on the right device, at the right time.

Some key topics in the report include:

  • The millennial impact on retail as the largest and most influential generation
  • How Hispanics continue to shape the retail landscape with their growing buying power
  • Why in-store experiences still matter despite the shift toward e-commerce
  • The actual brand preferences of heavy shoppers at three top department stores
  • Key takeaways for marketers to consider when crafting their customer targeting strategies for the 2016 holiday season

“Every day, we hear about the massive volume of data being generated and how powerful it can be for the modern marketer,” says Jon Schulz, CMO of Viant. “Our goal with this report is to offer up insights far beyond the basics of retargeting and purchase history. We are leveraging the more than 1.2 billion registered users in the Viant Identity Management Platform with our strong roster of deterministically matched data to deliver true people-based, data driven insights.”

To download the full report, go to http://www2.viantinc.com/anatomy-of-a-department-store-shopper.

About Viant

Viant Technology LLC is a premier people-based advertising technology company, enabling marketers to plan, execute and measure their digital media investments through a cloud-based platform. Built on a foundation of people instead of cookies, the Viant Advertising Cloud™ provides marketers with access to over 1.2 billion registered users, one of the largest registered user databases in the world, infusing accuracy, reach and accountability into cross device advertising. Founded in 1999, Viant owns and operates several leading digital ad technology and media companies, including Specific Media, Vindico and Myspace, and it is a member of the Xumo joint venture. In 2016, Viant became a subsidiary of Time Inc. (NYSE:TIME), one of the world’s leading media companies with over 100 influential brands including People, Sports Illustrated, Fortune and Time.

For more information, please visit www.viantinc.com.

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VP of Communications for Viant
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