Media Execution Platform

People-Based Media Solutions

With the Viant Media Execution Platform (MEP) and Adelphic’s cross-device DSP, bring the precision of people-based targeting into digital ad delivery and programmatic buying while ensuring a brand safe and viewable environment.

Key Features of the Viant MEP

People-Based DSP

Buy programmatically across all devices and formats, and execute your campaigns with accurate reach and frequency.

Deterministic Ad Personalization

Customize interactive and dynamic creative to an individual’s unique consumer attributes, device types, and campaign parameters.

Self-Service Campaign Management

Define audiences, set budgets, and control flighting directly within Adelphic’s self-service cloud-based platform.

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Reach your audiences through a people-based approach.

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Viant has a team of professionals available to support implementation and integration to ensure full capabilities are leveraged from day one.

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