Media Execution Platform

People-Based Media Solutions

The Viant® Media Execution Platform (MEP), powered by Adelphic’s cross-device DSP, brings the precision of people-based targeting into digital ad delivery and programmatic buying while ensuring a brand safe and viewable environment.

Learn more about programmatic with Viant’s Programmatic Advertising Glossary.

MEP Powered by Adelphic
Key Features of the Viant MEP

People-Based Cross Device Delivery

Using our integrated device graph, reduce wasted impressions and accurately reach target audiences wherever they are.

Robust Cross Channel Solutions

Take advantage of trusted data, inventory, and ad quality integrations that significantly improve campaign performance.

Advanced Self-Service Platform

Set up, forecast, optimize, and measure campaigns using powerful tools within a simple and intuitive user-interface.

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Viant has a team of professionals available to support implementation and integration to ensure full capabilities are leveraged from day one.

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