Vertical Solutions

Reach consumers online based on actual offline activity

With Viant’s vertical audience targeting solutions, leverage our people-based platform, complete with 1.2 billion registered users, to deterministically target consumers based on actual offline activity through direct integrations with vertical-specific consumer databases, including Nielsen Catalina Solutions, Experian, Neustar and Rentrak.

Vertical Solutions


Marketers can target retail customers across devices through a people-based approach by leveraging actual retail transaction data provided by a leading financial services company.


Connect offline CPG purchases directly to consumers’ online behavior by leveraging universal product code (UPC) loyalty card data provided by Nielsen Catalina Solutions.


With direct access to DMV registrations and vehicle service transaction data, Viant enables marketers to target vehicle owners through a people-based approach.


Match second-by-second household TV viewing data to Viant’s Identity Management Platform to reach TV audiences online across devices.


Viant’s direct integration with Experian allows marketers in the financial vertical to build custom audiences to target with personalized brand messages.


Reach 191 million registered U.S. voters across all 50 states online based on their offline political behaviors, including TV viewing habits.


With access to 80% of all credit and debit card transactions in the U.S., restaurant brands can develop strategies to drive new business and nurture loyal customers.


Leverage direct access to purchase data from airlines, hotels, gas stations and more to deterministically reach prospective travelers across connected devices.

Life Events

Reach customers with personally relevant brand messaging during key life events, like the birth of a child, recent moves, marriages and more.

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